Out of shape!

We just got back from several days in Las Vegas. That place is pretty spectacular but it sure feels good to be back home. One thing I learned while I was there is that I am terribly, terribly out of shape. If you want to see all the beautiful displays and shows they have going on in front of the hotels you don’t drive…you walk. There are just too many people. We did so much walking up and down the strip…I can’t believe how tired I was. And it was a little embarrassing because I had to ask dh (who is in great shape) and ds14 (also in great shape) to slow down because I was having a hard time keeping up. This is so ridiculous…. I have to stop making excuses and get myself in gear.
I got a stairstepper last week from a Freecycler. I pulled it out today and pulled some Youtube videos on the tv (thinking I could time myself by how long the videos were). Hmmm…I did 8 minutes…yes, that 8 minutes and I was so out of breath I had to stop.
I don’t know what’s happened to me. I used to be in pretty decent shape.


One response to “Out of shape!

  1. Hi Stac…I used to live in LV. I wouldn't want to walk anywhere when it is 110 degrees. My hat is off to ya! Glad to meet up with you. Watch for an email from me about our prayer group. Hugs.

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