I really enjoy being on the computer and all that the internet has to offer. I’ve decided to use my love of Twittering and reading others blogs to help me get more organized and in better shape.

I’ve been using Twitter already to record some stuff I’m doing, but I’m going to use it more on a regular basis to record things that are “done.” I’m following Fly Motivator…she sends out reminders on Twitter that I try and follow.

I also follow a number of blogs out in blogland that have different challenges going on. I’ll be doing different challenges on different days. I do the Small Things…
I also follow Sharon Astyk’s blog and try to keep up with the Independence days Challenges.
On Tuesdays it’s time to look at our 72-hour kits, 3-month supplies, and longer-term storage and on Fridays it’s time to test a food storage recipe on the Safely Gathered In blog.

I’m trying to get back into shape, so I’m going to have four days out of the week for some form of formal exercise. I will be following several blogs that emphasize getting fit. This a wonderful devotional blog…

Starting August 1st I will also be doing…

I’ll also be doing Kathi’s Project as she posts them…

Think I’ve got all areas covered? 🙂


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