30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge Days 10-13

Ok. I hate doing this…but, I have to consolidate these posts…again. I overused my hand..opened up the wound…it got worse…and extremely painful. The pain meds are making me sleepy… Doctor says I need to keep wrapping for several more weeks and I need to be more careful. Let’s see…18 more days until we move and I’m supposed to take it easy?

Day 10: Today we need to show our hubby’s some appreciation…instead of spending time criticizing…spend some time telling him how much you admire him.

Day 11: This day is about showing respect to you husband. One of those ways of showing respect is by submitting to our husband’s authority and leadership.

Day 12: This day is about checking in with ourselves. Do we have unreasonable or unrealistic expectations of our husbands actions?

Day 13: Today is about the sexual relationship with our husbands. This one is a pretty important issue…especially to the men in our lives. We need to be sure to encourage your husbands in the areas of lovemaking. Could be fun…. 🙂


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