Outback Restaurant

Dh took me to an Outback Restaurant last night for a date night.  This was a first time for me.  Can I just say that their food is outstanding!  They served us these little loaves of a dark bread first.  I remember looking at it and wondering if the bread was going to be hard.  Not at all.  It was soft and had a slightly sweet taste.  Dh and I ate almost 3 loaves of it.  Can we say…piggie, piggies? 
For the main meal I had a 7 oz. sirloin steak, garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetable.  The steak had this exceptionally yummy seasoning and was so tender the meat practically shredded as I cut it.  The seasonal vegetables were a mix of the freshest broccoli, carrots and squash. And the garlic mashed potatoes?  Oh my, my… I am a huge mashed potato fan…could eat them everyday.  These mashed potatoes were outstanding.  Every bite was a wonderful mix of potatoes and garlic.  My hips don’t want to know how many calories I had…I just know that I am definitely going back again! 
Big thumbs up Outback!


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