Clutter Challenge Update~Ahead of Myself!

When we moved last year into a smaller home I realized that we just had way too much stuff.  There was a point during the moving process that the living room had very little stuff left in it and ds15 asked if we could keep the new place as empty as it was then… Why? Because we weren’t constantly tripping over stuff….  We got rid of a HUGE amount when we moved, but there is still more that needs to go. 

Our new home has one less bedroom and one less bathroom plus there is a garage (the other one had a conversion).  It also has less storage space.  What I’m realizing is that it’s ok with me to be living in a smaller space with less stuff.  It takes less time to clean and I can find things so much faster.

My original goal is to get rid of 2 items per day…either through consigning, donating or tossing in the garbage.  At this point I should have gotten rid of 122 items….I’ve gotten rid of 144!!!  Woohoo!!!  And a bonus….I’ve made $47 on items taken to the consignment store!  All from items that were sitting around taking up space.  We still have stuff in boxes from the move …this past August… Mo money, mo money, mo money!

Here is some of the stuff that has made its way out….

One other added bonus is when you get rid of stuff you can make spaces that you love.  Ever since we’ve moved here I’ve wanted a space where I could sit and look out the window while reading or on the computer.  Unfortunately when we moved in our very large desk was put in the spot I would have chosen…and nobody wanted to move it because the darn thing is so heavy. Well, last week I decided I would never get my space unless I actually did something about it.  It ds15 and I about 5 minutes to move that desk…yes…for real…5 minutes.  So, I now have my own little quiet space…well, as quiet as it can be in  house with other people.  But, you know what I mean….

This is what it looked like before…I kept pulling a chair in front of the desk so I could sit and look out the window…

And this is what it looks like now….  Not too shabby for a free makeover, huh?


2 responses to “Clutter Challenge Update~Ahead of Myself!

  1. 144. That is excellent! I’m reluctant to move out of our small home (we have no plans to) because I LIKE the limitations. And I LIKE cleaning only one bathroom. 🙂

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