From Frumpy to Fab~The Update

A little over a week ago A Proverbs Wife put the challenge to keep up with the way you look…to make sure you look nice even if you’re not planning to go somewhere.  After all, the folks at home should be the ones we want to look nice for first.  Right?

My goals were to straighten my hair to make it easier to do something with, use a good hand cream and some Hard As Nails to help with the dry skin and nail breakage that comes with washing your hands frequently in a preschool classroom.  My nails are in much better shape…but, are a work in progress.  I also put on a little makeup and earrings each morning.  Each night before going to bed I’ve been putting lotion on and then socks…the tootsies are soft!

And finally, the eyebrows are not as close friends as they were before.  🙂

Here are before and after pictures of the hair.  I’m not brave enough to show pictures of the nails…they have a long ways to go.


All in all, I’m pretty pleased with my progress.


One response to “From Frumpy to Fab~The Update

  1. Your hair looks beautiful. I’ll bet it takes a lot of time to get it all straightened out. Styling hair can be one of the most time consuming parts of trying to go from Frumpy to Fab. Thank you for taking the challenge and here is the day 5 link:

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