Blogging Through Proverbs

I just finished up Reading Through The Bible in 90 Days and wanted to be able to continue doing something to keep the momentum going in my daily Bible study.  I’ve decided to follow Amy over at Mom’s Toolbox in a daily reading of Proverbs.  I started on April 1st posting what’s in each chapter.  Some days I’ll probably post on something that stands out to me and others I plan to just post the chapter.  Why?  Because sometimes I feel like I don’t always need to be commenting on God’s word…it’s does fine all by itself.  It’s my hope that someone who comes to my blog who has never read the Bible might get a chance to see the chapter in it’s entirety.  It’s pretty easy to read one chapter at a time…don’t you think?


2 responses to “Blogging Through Proverbs

  1. Hi Just signed up to read proverbs read your thoughts hope you dont mind God Bless

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