Small Things

I haven’t posted about the small things for quite a while. I started back up this month because I keep getting reminded that it really is the little things that keep us going.

This week’s small things started out with April Showers…yes, that meant cleaning the shower.  Not one of my favorite things…but, when it was done the shower looked great!

Next up was about enhancing a relationship with someone who you might be off track with.  That involved calling my mom back when I wasn’t so sure I wanted to…  I needed to lay aside some pride and just do it.

Then, it was all about the cobwebs.   I discovered I have lots of cobwebs in the corners of mind…oops…I meant the corners of my rooms.  My trusty Flylady duster conquered them all.

After that…I strapped on some courage…aka…my cleaning gloves…and tackled the garbage can.  All I can say is Yuck!

This weekend  Rachel Anne  is having us recharge our batteries.  This is something we moms rarely do.  I did some connecting with God through reading through Proverbs, got in some exercise and filled one of those weekly pill containers so I will remember to take my vitamins, and went to the mall just to do a little window shopping.  It was fun!

You should join us over at Home Sanctuary…it’s all about the small things for creating a sanctuary for your family.


2 responses to “Small Things

  1. What a cool idea. Good for you for cleaning and calling your mom. I need to dust up some cobwebs myself.

  2. Great job on your Small Things!! Keep it up!

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