Personal Preparedness

I’ve been tinkering around with having some sort of food storage for a little over 10 years now.

It really began with the whole Y2K thing. That was the first time I ever really thought about keeping anything extra aside.  I never knew anyone who did that while I was growing up.  I looked around on the internet and discovered that there was a whole group of people who prepared for anything and everything.  I also discovered a few “survivalist” websites….some of which were filled with way too much testosterone…one which seemed to make a lot of sense.  It was the Mrs. Survival forums.  It was made up of mostly women with the idea being to be prepared for life challenges.

Well, Y2K was a non-event and I got lots of jokes about the small amount of stuff I had set aside.  Unfortunately, my computer at that time didn’t hear that Y2K was a non-event and crashed shortly after.  I lost all of my favorite websites.

*Note about being prepared:  Back up your computer regularly!

I really didn’t think a lot about being prepared for a long while.  Life just sort of got in the way.  But, after Sept 11, I began to feel uneasy about the events going on in the world.  Around 2004 I began again looking for information on being prepared.  It almost felt like a silly thing to do though.  In my part of the country nothing really happen in terms of natural disasters.  Seriously…nothing.  I’ve lived in this town for 32 years and I can count on one hand the major storms we’ve had.  Our power has gone out for maybe four or five times.  We live in “earthquake” country…however, when the big quake hit San Francisco in ’89 the only way we knew something had happened was that our blinds rocked back and forth for about ten seconds.  It’s easy to be complacent where we are. 

In 2005 I found the Mrs. Survival again and I began really reading what others were doing and decided I needed to really do something.

As I look back, I realize that for a while, I let fear fuel what I was doing.  Listening to people on the forums…you could just feel the fear.  And I got caught up in it.  I bought and stored and bought and stored…and ended up with stuff I really didn’t need.

After I came to my senses (Yes, I did!) I began to listen to the voices of reason on the Mrs. Survival website.  These were women who were prepared as a way of life.  They weren’t just it because they were afraid the world was going to end tomorrow.  They prepared themselves for life’s challenges…be it natural disasters or job loss.  It’s a great place to go if you don’t know anyone in real life who is into that sort of thing.

My dh was beginning to look at me as if I was going off the deep end for a while.  He is slowly around.  I generally try to keep a good six months worth stored.  It has been a Godsend these past 8 months hat my dh has been out of work. 

I just began taking an online class with Sharon Astyk over at the Chatelaine’s Keys about creating your own food storage,  One thing I am hoping to get from this class is getting my food storage more organized.  I have discovered a lot of items that have expired because I didn’t keep good records of what I had.

Over the next few weeks I’m hoping to get together a better plan in the particular areas of food storage and gardening.

3 responses to “Personal Preparedness

  1. That’s a great website. Food storage & 72 hour kits are things I’m always “meaning to do.” Good for you for following through.

  2. Just a new reader saying “hi!” I’ll be following you on Twitter.

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