One thing I discovered when I participated in the B90 days reading program was that I was motivated to do the daily readings because there were others doing it and because there were folks on Twitter talking about their progress.  And of course there was the weekly chat.  I finished it because I had support.  I don’t do well when I try big projects alone.  I’ve thought about joining Weight Watchers again but I can’t afford that right now.

How am I going to hold myself accountable for losing the weight?

     +  By posting my actual weight…gains and losses (hopefully more losses)

     +  By posting what I’m actually eating (the plan is 2000 cal. a day)

     +  By posting what I’m doing for exercise

     +  By posting pictures  (not sure if this will happen. It was hard enough posting the picture of the scale)

To be healthy I should be somewhere in the 170 to 175 range.  It’s a bit overwhelming when I think of how big that weight loss number is. 

I’m beginning anyways.  June 1.


5 responses to “Acountability

  1. Good luck Stacy! Being accountable DOES help! I’ll be checking in.

  2. Good luck! I do better when I have to be accountable, too, but it’s hard with weight loss. My husband used to try to make helpful comments and give me reminders about my goals, but it just didn’t go over too well, lol. Probably support from someone besides my family would have worked better.

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  4. Praying for a huge victory in this for you! It CAN be done. Ask me how I know:

    PS- since then I’ve lost an additional 13 pounds, and I’m still feeling great (when life isn’t kicking me down).

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