How did this happen?


I decided to step on the scale after playing the avoidance game for the past several months.  All I can do is shake my head at the numbers that showed up.

Oh, I know they really shouldn’t have come as a shock.  The pants have been getting tighter, it’s been harder and harder to not see that roll thats there everytime I sit down and I actually pulled a muscle riding my bike.  For heaven’s sake!  Riding a bike?!  How ridiculous is that?

I feel like this is a never-ending cycle that is impossible to break.  It ges harder and harder as I get older…the big 5-0 will be coming around in a couple of months.  And going through the end-of-life changes doesn’t help either.  Ok, so my life is really not ending…but, with some of the hormonal changes I’m having there are days when it feels like it.

I need to make a chnage.


2 responses to “How did this happen?

  1. Sorry that neither one of us found your link yesterday! I checked right before I went to bed though!

    Weight loss/gain is a vicious cycle and only you can do something about it. I know…I’ve been battling my weight for quite some time (I have a whole other blog about that lol). The thing is though…these little moments happen and motivate us for a while…but it’s up to us to keep that motivation going. I know it’s hard…but it is doable. We just have to keep at it!

  2. I don’t battle the weight thing, but I’m battle lots of aches and pains, and chronic illness as I’ve gotten older. It’s no fun. And it requires me to stay on a certain diet to stay healthy. Not always easy for sure.

    I know you can do it! Don’t get discouraged. Easier said than done, but discouragement will only set you back further. One day, one meal at a team! You can do this. ;0)

    Sorry I didn’t tweet this out Tuesday, but I’m tweeting it out now as part of Tweet Me Thursday (I mean Tuesday… ;0)

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