Four Days In

It’s been four days since I decided I needed to make a serious effort to lose some weight.  Normally I go into something like this all gungho and everything.  You know…eat a thousand calories and start out exercising an hour or two a day.  That lasts all of…oh….a couple of days.  This time I ‘ve decided to do things in a little more reasonable manner.  Hopefully, it will stick.

First off, I’m looking at how much I eat.  My goal is 2000 calories a day…more or less.  On day one I carried around my Atkins Calorie Counter that I got as a freebie not too long ago.  I wrote down each thing I ate and calculated the calories.  That is one tedious thing to do.  Not gonna happen on a daily basis….  But, it did let me see how many calories some things have and it also made me realize my portions are way too big.  I also realized I need to eat my bigger meal in the morning.  I tried eating a smaller amount before work…by 9am my stomach was growling.

The other thing I’m focusing on is drinking more water.  I’ve probably been getting half the amount I should be drinking.  Fortunately, the new habit for June at the Flyday website is drinking water.  My goal is four bottles a day.  I had one day when I had only one bottle and I was dragging by the end of the day.

Tommorrow I weigh in.  We’ll see if there’s any difference after five days…..


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