Do you ever ask yourself why you do the things you do when you know it’s the wrong thing to do.  When you know you’re not going to like the consequences?  But….you do them anyways. 

Two weeks ago I decided to start blogging about losing weight because I’m just tired of being heavy…I’m tired of not having energy…and I’m tired of not being able to wear all the cute clothes out there.  I was 221 at the time and feeling pretty motivated. 

Here’s what has happened during those 2 weeks…my mother has been in the hospital, dh and I have been dealing with some big stuff, I’ve had to say good bye to a couple of kids in my class who I know I’ll never see again, and I’m still waiting to see how my salary will go down due to budget cuts.  Oh, and did I mention that dh is wondering if he will be one of the people whose unemployment benefits will be cut off?

And I reacted like I have done in the past…I ate.  And I ate and I ate.  And here are the consequences….

random pictures 025

Yes, the picture is not all that good.  To be honest, when I saw the number I didn’t even feel like trying to take a better one.  227.  I have never been this heavy. Never.  Ever.

What am I doing to myself?


2 responses to “Why?

  1. Good for you for trying. And posting. It would be so easy not to. I am a stress eater. . .I find having NOTHING in the house helps. Throw it all away. Or give it to your next door neighbor. If you just *have* to have ice cream (or Pringles!) make yourself go to the store to buy it. And use cash. Seriously, when there is nothing in the house to eat or you have to actually MAKE the “bad” food, you do cut down. Or find something else to do besides eat. It’s hard. . .believe me, it’s hard. You’ll tear apart things, look in all your hiding spots, but the next day when you get up and remember that you couldn’t find anything, didn’t eat all that fat and sugar, you will be so proud of yourself. It’s not about a number on the scale, it’s about your mental state and what YOU can accomplish in this fight. Sounds like you have had a tough couple of weeks. . .give yourself a little leeway and don’t be so hard. . .we can’t “do it all” all the time. But you’re right, you WILL feel better if your eating habits change. . .junk in, junk out. Glad you linked up with Rachel Anne this week! (I haven’t for a couple months but still like to visit…)

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