Evernote Challenge # 8 Preschool~Sensory

I love reading the PreKinders blog  for ideas to do with my little one and for my preschool classroom.  I’m on summer break right now so today’s challenge is going to be for little miss Mackie.  She is definitely a sensory child. 

Give her playdough and she is so calm.Pictures 566

Give her some oobleck and she is one happy camper.

random pictures 029

Give her paint and she’ll take a bath in it.Pictures 230

So today we’re going for sand and water play. 

I set up a small box with some sand and seashells and a larger tub with water and some toys. random pictures 027

random pictures 026

I think this will keep her busy…oh, for a good 15 minutes.  Just kidding…it should be at least 20.  It takes a lot to keep our girl occupied.


One response to “Evernote Challenge # 8 Preschool~Sensory

  1. We love, love, love sensory boxes. I get a good half hour of time where my son is having fun!

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