June Clutter~Update

June was a much better month in terms of item numbers and moneywise.  We had a garage sale that turned out to be a total flop. Someone needs to remind me that I always say I’ll never have another one EVERY time I have one. This time it was dh’s fault.  It was his idea.

The good thing is we didn’t bring anything back into the house.  It all got donated.

June totals:

Donated:  69

Tossed:  20

Consigned:  16

June’s total items are 105.  Item numbers gone for the year are 427.  Money made at the consignment store ended up being $106!!  Woohoo!

That amount was only that high because we got rid of a couch.  But still…it sure is nice to make a little money back on stuff we don’t want anymore.

Amy over at Finer Things has a linky for this challenge.  Come join in!


2 responses to “June Clutter~Update

  1. Woohoo! Great job!!

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