The Power of the Sun

Dinner tonight included pork ribs that were cooked to perfection…

random pictures 043

not in the  oven…not on the grill…but in this….


It’s a Tulsi Sun Oven.  I’ve had mine for several years and I love it! Of course mine doesn’t look as pretty anymore as the picture, but it is THE best thing to use when the temps outside are in the 90’s or 100’s and you don’t want to heat up the kitchen.  We get lots of days like that here during the summer.

Disclosure: Someone said I need to disclose that I didn’t get paid to say this. Nope…didn’t get paid a penny. I just happen to have one of these beauties and love to use it. But, if someone wants to pay me to brag about it I’d be happy to.  🙂


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