Evernote Challenge #9~Preschool~Koolaid Playdough

I have a wonderful uncooked recipe for playdough.  It’s very pliable and easy for the younger set to use. This time I decided to change it up a bit by adding a package of Koolaid to it for color and smell.  Mama Jenn did something similar to this with several different flavors.  I only had orange on hand but it worked out well. 

random pictures 038

It’s always fun to get the kiddies involved in the process. Mixing and stirring takes lots of concentration!


random pictures 039


The finished product…..

random pictures 041

Let the fun begin!!!

random pictures 040


Uncooked Koolaid Playdough

1 c water

1 c salt

2 tsp oil

2 pkgs Koolaid

3 c flour

2 T cornstarch

Sometimes I add a little extra flour if it seems too sticky.  Mix and have fun! 


2 responses to “Evernote Challenge #9~Preschool~Koolaid Playdough

  1. I LOVE kool-aid play-doh!

    I once made a big batch with my first son and packaged it in little containers with the recipe and gave it to his friends at pre-school on Valentine’s Day. 🙂 It smelled SOOOOOOO yummy.
    That was quite awhile ago. I think I need to do that again with my 3rd!

  2. I did not know you could add koolaid! I used to use food coloring back in the day when I made it for my kids….but I like the idea of it smelling good, too! Love the photos of your helper… 🙂

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