The Love Dare~Day 6~Irritated!

This dare was very timely for me.  I’m actually a couple of days behind posting the dares because I just found out my paycheck is short a couple of hundred dollars because of something my district did…but didn’t tell me or the other teachers in my program about.  Of course, we found out about it during the summer when no one’s around to help us with it.

With all this happening my mood has been…bad….very irritable.  In the book it says that people who are irritable are locked, loaded, and ready to overreact. 

That was me yesterday.

I had to make myself go into the backyard to do some yard work to blow off some steam because everything my kids were doing or my dh was saying was getting under my skin.  And I wasn’t mad at them….I was (and still am) mad at my employer. 

I needed to practice some self-control.  It ended up being a good lesson for my 15 yo because he could see and hear all that was going on.  It made me very aware of how I needed to handle myself because he was watching. In the book it says there are two key deficiencies that can contribute to you being irritable:

1.  Stress: (We have it big time with my dh’s unemployment being being behind because of the government stopping it for a while)

2.  Deficiencies: (How much rest, good food and exercise have I been getting?  Not as good as it should be)

You can’t get rid of some stresses because they are just a fact of life.  But, we can work on how we react those stresses.  And we can make sure we are getting enough sleep, eating right and getting some form of physical exercise.  Are you taking care of yourself?

Today’s dare is to choose to react to tough circumstances in your marriage in loving ways instead of with irritation. 

He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit, than he who captures a city. Proverbs 16:32

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One response to “The Love Dare~Day 6~Irritated!

  1. We just watched Fireproof not too long ago. What a challenge to take on. Our spouses are not perfect people, but neither are we. If God can love us despite all of the stuff we do, we should definitely follow the example. It is hard though. Good luck with the love dare!

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