July Clutter Update~More Success!


I’m still in full swing for getting rid of stuff around here.  It actually feels easier to breathe around here.  This has been one of the better challenges I’ve participated in.  I haven’t felt major pressure because I’m only thinking that I need to get rid of 2 things each day.

One of the benefits is that it’s getting easier to keep the flat surfaces around here clear.

Pictures 504

Here’s my nightstand before….

random pictures 053 

And after….. (please forgive the dark pictures.  Someday I’ll have a REAL camera.)

Here are July totals:

Donated:  19

Tossed:  5 items + 2 grocery bags of paper clutter

Consigned:  A whopping 42 items!

July total comes to 66 pieces of STUFF gone!  Money made from consigning: $58.50  Yes!!!

Amy over at Finer Things has a linky for this challenge.  Come join in! It’s not too late!


4 responses to “July Clutter Update~More Success!

  1. I’m going to have to look into this!! That is an awesome idea!!!! Love it–and clutter free would be so nice!!! Do you find that many times you just get rid of a bunch at once or do you typically try to do one or two things a day?

    Thanks for linking up for Tweet Me Tuesday!!

    • I hang a bag in the hallway and look for a couple of things each day to put in it. Then at the end of the week my dh donates them. I consign stuff on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Some days it’s more than 2 and there have been days I didn’t do any.

  2. When I was a young mom, I loved the declutter books by Don Aslett and some other favorites. Flylady and email reminders didn’t exist yet, sadly. But I did declutter tons. Then God started moving me around and I’ve decluttered. In spite of that, I’m still a bit cluttery, just coz that’s my personality 🙂 But I loved Stacy’s idea and am going to hang my own give away bag and try and put something in every day. As a busy Sandwich Generation granny nanny, I tend to bring stuff in so this will help take some out as well. 🙂 Thanks for the great inspiration.

  3. Love it! I did an organizing challenge on my blog last summer and it was a huge hit! It helps so much to break it down into manageable jobs and have some accountability.

    Tweeting this out for Tweet Me Tuesday!

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