August Clutter Update



Am I way behind with this post or what?  Occasionally life throws you loops and it keeps you from doing your day to day stuff.  I almost decided not to post because it’s so far into the month…but….this has been one of the more successful challenges I’ve done and I want it on record that I’ve kept up with it.  🙂


More and more items are escaping into the wonderful world of Freecycle, the thrift store donation route or local consignment shop.  I love having the freed up cabinet space and clutterfree floors. I’m in the process of clearing the extra room of dd23’s stuff she left behind when she moved out.  Not quite sure what this room will become but I know I wanted it emptied before I begin.


Here are August totals:

Donated:  23

Consigned:  37

Tossed:  20

August totals come to 80 items for a total of 573 since the beginning of the year.  Consigning totals come to $41.  Only 177 more things to go and I will have met my goal for the year.  And made a little money in the process…..


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