Stain Fighting

Last month for Tackle It Tuesday (Yes, I know it’s Wednesday.  I am forever behind) I signed up to test out Arm and Hammer’s Power Gel laundry detergent at 5MinutesFormom.  I received a coupon for the Power Gel Detergent and also got a cute mousepad.

 random pictures 172 

Laundry is something that is ALWAYS going on at our house  I try to go for the one load a day that Flylady recommends.  That usually keeps us on top of things.

  random pictures 171

In this particular load I had a pair of capris that had a grease stain from the car on them.  They are relatively new and I was really bummed because they had been washed and accidentally thrown in the dryer before anyone checked to see if the stain came out (it didn’t!).  I thought for sure that stain was set.random pictures 170

I was so hoping that the Arm and Hammer Power Gel would take this stain out.  I hate ruining perfectly good clothes.  Also in the load was a blouse I wore to work (I’m a preschool teacher) that had a paint stain on the arm and my 16yo son’s p.e. clothes (stinky!).

I couldn’t get a clear after picture (someone want to give me a nice camera to review?) but the stain came out!  I’m actually pretty surprised because I’d tossed those pants in the bottom drawer several weeks before and I didn’t expect it to come out. My blouse was clean and my son’s p.e. clothes smelled really nice.

I give a definite thumbs up to this detergent!

My opinions are definitely my own for this review even if I got the free product.


2 responses to “Stain Fighting

  1. Yay for Arm & Hammer! Glad it worked for you…I’ll have to try it myself.
    I enjoyed my visit to your blog–looks like you’re serious about being a great housekeeper.

  2. Hey, that sounds like a great product. I’ll have to try it. I read your de-clutter challenge – you are almost there!! wow, that has to feel good.

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