November Clutter Update

I’m late!  But, that’s ok. I’m giving myself some slack on posting on time because I met my goal last month!  I got rid of some stuff during the month of November…not much…but that’s ok.  I’m taking this one step at a time.


Donated:  27

Consigned:  3

Tossed:  20 items plus 1 large bag of paper clutter.


November totals come to 50 total items for a total of 789 since the beginning of they year.  I made $17 using consignment and (drum roll please) $200 for selling on Ebay!  Not too shabby if I say so myself.

There’s only one more month left in this challenge.  I have 2 weeks off at the end of December. Maybe we’ll see how much more clutter I can get rid of.

This post is linked to The Finer Things.


3 responses to “November Clutter Update

  1. Well done!

    Doesn’t it feel so good to get all this “stuff” out of our homes!

  2. You are my hero! I hate clutter, so I always wonder why I have so darn much of it! You are inspiring me to keep at it. I did quite a bit of decluttering over the summer, but lost momentum when school hit! ;0)

  3. $200 on ebay! That’s fabulous! I’m hoping to take some time between Christmas and New Years to meet my goal. We shall see…

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