The Day After

Christmas is over.  The food has been demolished. Gifts have been unwrapped.  The best thing about Christmas is when family comes together.  There are only 4 girls amongst all of the grandchildren in this family…all the rest are boys ranging in age from 7 to 27.  When we all get together it gets loud.  Very loud. A good kind of loud though.  Video games…dominos…figuring out how to use new electronics.  The funniest thing to watch was when they recorded a book for their grandmother.  It was one of those Hallmark books called I Love You Grandma.  Now, you have to visualize that the book is really made for a child around 5 to record.  It’s very simplistic.  The grands couldn’t get past this.  It took them an hour and a half to record it because they couldn’t stop giggling and laughing.  They created their own stuff to say and fortunately some of the laughter was recorded.  Grandma loved it.


And you might ask why aren’t there any pictures?  Because yours truly forgot to put the memory card back in the camera. So every picture I took on Christmas didn’t get saved. Every last one. I am sick about it.


3 responses to “The Day After

  1. Oh no.. what a bummer about the memory card.. but I bet those giggles, which could not accurately be recorded on film will not be forgotten. 🙂
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Hope this brightens your holiday spirit… you won the robot custom crayon giveaway at! Congratulations!
    Email me shortly at to claim your prize.

  3. FOUND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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