2011 To-Do List

I find that when I break things down into smaller bites it’s easier for me to follow through.  I’m gonna print this out to keep as a reference.


1.   Read through the entire Bible.

2.   Establish a regular, daily Bible reading time.

3.   Fast the first week of the year.


1.   Pray for each family member daily.

2.   Restore my marriage.


1.  Continue to clear out clutter in my home.

2.  Create an easy meal plan.

3.  Expand my garden.

4.  Reduce the amount of trash we produce.

5.  Break out my canner to increase my food storage.


1.   Create another stream of income.

2.   Build an emergency fund.

3.   Find more ways to give.

4.   Increase the amount of coupons I use.


1.   Exercise daily.

2.   Eat healthier.

3.   Drink more water.

4.   Cook more foods from scratch/eat more whole foods.


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