Day 10 in Photos~A Four Letter Word!

                                       new pics3 048


I know, I know.  It’s not what you’re thinking of.   For those of you who work in state run preschool programs and have to assess all the children in their classrooms (34 total for me!)…you will understand what that pink cover sheet is all about.  Forty three indicators for EACH child.  I have to finish them by Tuesday when I have parent conferences scheduled.  My eyeballs are falling out. 

One response to “Day 10 in Photos~A Four Letter Word!

  1. HI!!! Thanks so much for linking up! I will be praying for you tomorrow!
    All I can suggest is to remember what you read on all these blogs. I homeschool my Special Needs twins because I felt the school had labeled them and was not going to offer any real help. The parents probably went off because they are frustrated- they don’t have any answers and are REALLY searching for the help their child needs. It is such a painful and frustrating thing to not be able to help your child. I have been (and am still going through) it all.
    Pray before the meeting- is there anyone that can pray with you? Ask God for guidance in handling the situation so He is glorified in it all. Ask for empathy for the parents, patience with their frustration, clarity in what His plan is for that child and ask Him to reveal something that you need to know/learn/see, etc.
    These parents are lucky to have a teacher that is praying for their child. I will pray that they see that in you.
    All my love! E-mail me and let me know how it goes!

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