Monday Mission: Let’s Get Prepared

Being prepared for some of the challenges life throws at you has been something I’ve grown interested over the years.  I admit to first researching “preparedness” out of fear when y2k first came on the scene  but calmed down afterwards and came to my senses.

It does however make sense to buy food and other supplies in bulk at cheaper prices instead of purchasing when prices get inflated (like now). 

It makes sense to have daily supplies stored just in case you become unemployed long-term (as in my husband’s case) and need to rely on your stores and use the cash that would have gone towards food to be able to pay the bills.

It also makes sense to store water if you live in an area where water comes from the tap and from May to October you might get 5 to 10 days of rain. 

Katie at Kitchen Preparedness is doing a series on being prepared.  She is starting out by asking a series of questions to get you thinking about what preparedness is. You can read about it HERE.

Her Monday Mission (and, yes I know I’m late with this one) is to add a few gallons of water to your storage. Water is essential to staying alive, correct? I have filled some empty glass jars and some of my mason jars to add to my water storage.

Won’t you think about what you would do if your water was cut off even for just a few days?


One response to “Monday Mission: Let’s Get Prepared

  1. Stacy: Hi! Blogger is messed up and I can’t leave a message (yes, on my own page!) but I wanted to let you know that you can send me your contact info (full name and mailing address) for your prize. You can try either or Thanks! Carli

    FYI: I’m creating a stockpile and I can def say my family will always be clean and have good teeth! 🙂

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