January Pantry Challenge



Jessica at good(cheap)eats is hosting a pantry challenge for the month of January and I’ve decided to participate.  I really need to do an inventory of my pantry because I’m a little afraid of what I might find. This house has a very small kitchen so I don’t have a real pantry.  Most of our foodstuffs are stored in a closet in the extra room.  It started out fairly organized in the beginning, but as seems to happen pretty regularly in my life, it has become a jumbled mess.

I’m not organized enough to plan menus for the whole month.  I’m going for a weekly thing.  First up will be eating leftovers in fridge. We have several days worth…plus I have a roast thawed that will go in the crock pot today.  Breakfasts will be cold cereal, oatmeal or farina. Dh and I start back to work tomorrow so it needs to be easy. Lunches will be sandwiches or leftovers. Ds17  forages for himself during the day. I usually leave breakfast for him and he gets his own lunch.

So…my real goal for this month is to inventory the pantry and get rid of any items we’ll never use or expired items so I can see where there are any holes in what we really need.

We’ll see how it goes.

2 responses to “January Pantry Challenge

  1. Thanks for joining the Challenge. Good luck!

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