Clutter Update: Week Two

A week ago I set a goal of getting rid of 5 items per day in my quest? journey?…whatever you want to call it…I really just want to get the unnecessary clutter out of my home.
Remember the tote filled with crafty supplies that hadn’t been used in a very long time?


That had 24 items right there. A bunch of the yarn was offered up to the other teachers at my preschool, stamping items and art paper went to my classroom and some miscellaneous stuff was donated.
Sad to say I found some watercolor paints that had been in there so long they had hardened. And they were never opened…. Shame on me….


The tote now has a new use. It’s housing our 2 week old chicks. Cute, aren’t they?

Also got rid of something called a Jump Snap given to me many years ago by someone who purchased it, never used it, then passed it on to me. Well, guess what? I never used it either. It’s outta here.


Totals for last week? After getting rid of a few more things that went straight to the garbage I ended up saying goodbye to 43 things that didn’t need to be here. This coming week should be even better. I hope to be a little more focused on different areas of the house instead of just picking a random spot. Plus, it’s Spring Break so I should have a little more time to declutter.

If you’re joining in, how are your totals?


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