Clutter Update: End of the Month

Just a quick update on the getting rid of the excessive clutter in my home. I had originally set a goal of 150 items by the end of April. That goal was passed in the third week when I did a sweep of the backyard and got rid of two big garbage cans of stuff that didn’t need to be out there.

I am so glad it’s gone.

However, I didn’t get the effect I was looking for. I was hoping to see….bigger, more open space, ya know? It still looks too cluttered. I think what happened was I did a lot of random, drive-by pickups.

I’m still not close to being done. May is going to be more focused. Instead of just picking stuff as I go, I’m planning to pick specific areas to declutter. Hopefully, I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished something at the end of the month.


One response to “Clutter Update: End of the Month

  1. Wow what an inspiration. I keep setting a goal to get rid of junk but, I never get around to it. I love the idea of giving a specific number though, it seems so much less overwhelming that way.

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