Want less mess and stress in 21 days? It’s a giveaway!

Updated: The winner is Heather G!

Did you clean your purse out for National Clean Your Purse Out Day?


Because it’s such a special day I’m giving away a copy of Kathy Lipp’s newest book called The Get Yourself Organized Project.


If you’d like a chance to win a copy of her new book just leave a comment below letting me know if you found anything interesting in your purse by Friday, May 18th. Good luck!

And…. if you head over to her website and leave a comment you also have an opportunity to win a new purse filled with all of Kathi’s books!


Five other lucky people will have a chance to win this cute tote also filled with Kathi’s books. It just might be you……


So get yourself over there by May 18th and leave a comment!


22 responses to “Want less mess and stress in 21 days? It’s a giveaway!

  1. I found a melted crayon in my purse yesterday! Def need to read this book!

  2. I found a salsa from tacobell, i dont remember why it was there

  3. I found a dirty diaper in my purse, I got to my sisters house as she’s walking out the door to walk the kids to the park at the end of her block, she says to me,”Come on, just walk with me, you can carry Olivia (her 4 month old)…while I walk with the twins (23 months old). As soon as we get there we have to change Olivia’s diaper, and I stick the diaper in my purse as I chase after Sofia & Marcus (the twins) thinking that as soon as I spotted a trash can I would dump it. WRONG! I left my sister’s house to meet with someone for dinner and I found the diaper as I’m looking for my glasses to read the menu. LOL!

  4. jaime devereaux

    I found an unwrapped nasty peice of gum in my purse with fuzz, and crumbs all over it. yuck!

  5. I woke up with a taco in my purse once.

  6. Just earlier today I emptied my wallet of a bunch of ‘loyalty’ cards, my kid found an old library card of hers.

  7. sweeperperson

    I found some old gum…looks like its been in there forever.

  8. I found hot wheels cars, happy meal toys, and a ballet bun thingamabob. Life savers for meal time with a 2 year old, and hair emergency at dance recital! haha!

  9. I keep mine pretty clean, but I did find some mysterious paper clips. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I found yucky gum that was covered in grime from all the coins it had been mixing w/ and it had that smell of money…definitely not eating that:)

  11. I found my daughter’s lip gloss.

  12. Jessie Goodwin

    I found half a french fry and a leaky ink pen. 😦 Thanks for the chance.

  13. I found a dried up donut….and I was looking all over for that!

  14. I found a sucker…..that had been licked…not sure when my daughter put that in there!

  15. I found $5 in quarters and my little ipod shuffle that for months I couldn’t find!

  16. Hmm…. markers, paint brushes, treats, art paper, etc I’m a preschool teacher! tracietrump@yahoo.com

  17. I found hay from the guinea pigs’ cage.

  18. Jennifer Metz

    I found hair things, gum wrappers, expired coupons, old receipts, nothing too awful interesting. Wish I would have found some money!

  19. I find crazy things in my purse like medicine, hair ties, a necklace and more. Lots of old receipts too. Sigh. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  20. I found a letter at the bottom that I should have mailed weeks ago!

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