Byes Bye Flies(Pinterest find)

When you have these…



You are likely to have these…


I found a fly trap and a fly deterrent on Pinterest

The fly deterrent was basically a Ziploc bag half filled with water and a couple of pennies in the bottom. That has been hanging in my garage for about two weeks. Can I give it a big fail? The flies are pretty much just flying around it. I’m really disappointed because it got such good reviews. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Maybe I need more of them?

The second one was a fly trap made with a plastic soda bottle with bait in the bottom. The first webpage I found said to use apple cider vinegar for bait.


That pretty much sat outside for 2 days and didn’t catch a single fly. The second website with a trap like this said to use a stinky bait so I’m throwing in a piece of meat that will hopefully attract them. We’ll see what happens.


2 responses to “Byes Bye Flies(Pinterest find)

  1. I see you have hens, too! That water in a plastic bag failed here, too, 20 years ago! Meat will work in the other trap is they really cannot get out. I buy diatomaceous earth for fly control. Get it from poultry supply, the kind used and fed to animals. I hate flypaper, but in desperation I bought some.

  2. thank you for this will try,

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