Global Garden Friends (Product review)

I was excited when Global Garden Friends contacted me about reviewing some of their products. They are a fairly new gardening and hydroponics company located in Santa Rosa, California.
Gardening is one of my favorite past times. I also love gardening tools and gadgets. I have quite a few in my garage.
Global Garden Friends is the creator of the ultimate plant cage. This product helps to keep your plants growing up right thus allowing sunlight and air to get in. Sure looks a lot better than those random sticks I have put in my house plants to keep them up right!


They also sell the ultimate plant clip. I love these! These take the place of all those twist ties and pieces of twine that you use to hold up your plants around the yard.


And they are so cute!


My grapevine has been saved from chickens who love the bunches of grapes hanging on it. I have used the clips to lift the vines out of there reach. I have to admit though there is nothing funnier than seeing a chicken jump to get grapes.


They also saved the day when a strong wind knocked over one of my sunflowers.


Guess what? They are having a giveaway right now on their Facebook page. Go check it out and maybe you will win some of their products! Let them know I sent you!


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