Goals for 2013

I had an opportunity to get away for a day to relax and think about any changes I want to see for the new year. First and foremost….as usual for me….is the being healthier theme. Exercising has never been one of those things I jump into doing. When I was younger I always was involved in some sort of sport activity and stayed in shape easily. Now, in my 50’s…with lots more aches and pains…it’s much harder to get motivated. But, I got an exercise bike over the holidays and have been riding 2 miles each day. It hasn’t been difficult…although I honestly don’t know how long distance riders deal with hard bike seats. Talk about going numb in a sensitive area…..
I’m thinking I might post my weekly miles and post something about an area as if I was really biking on the road. Kind of a virtual bike ride across the USA. Might keep me motivated…and I won’t have any excuse about bad weather….

Another theme is eating healthier. Definitely want to incorporate more fruits and veggies into our diets. And because I live in an area where I can garden year round I’m going to see if we can eat from our garden each day of the year.

I have other goals…participating in 13 skills…but, I’ll post more on those later.

Anyone else have goals for this year?


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