Hard Lotion Bars: Pinterest (Make it Yourself)

For 2013 I want to try out some new things…learn some new skills…and Pinterest is the place to do that. On my Natural Alternatives board I wanted to try the hard lotion bars. I found an easy recipe on Pinterest to make them with only 3 ingredients. You use equal parts of each ingredient.


I already had olive oil and I bought cocoa butter and beeswax at my local food coop. It was $11 for an 8 oz. bar of beeswax (used 4oz.) and $9 for an 8oz. jar of cocoa butter (used half). I got the molds at my local thrift store for 25¢ each. So, for about $11 I was able to make 12 mini muffin sized bars and 12 small star shaped bars. Here’s what they look like.

I like these! I have very dry skin and I’ve been using one…my hands are feeling so soft. You really need to give these a try. They are super easy!


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