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Clutterfree in 40 Days

I’m still working on getting rid of the clutter. It is such a never ending process. I’m really kind of glad we’re in a smaller house because I’m almost positive I’d find something to fill it up with…..

But….it’s one of those things that needs to be done and I keep trying to find ways to make it easier…more fun…more interesting.

I’d rather be outside in my garden.


Stephanie at Keeper of the Home has set up a bit of a challenge to get rid of the clutter in her home in 40 days. She has a nice set of daily goals to follow in e-book form…although you should make it specific to your home.

I love a challenge. Keeps me on my toes….

So….starting today….July 2….my home is going on a diet….so to speak.

I’ll have a few before and after photos to hopefully show the progress.

Clutter Update: End of the Month

Just a quick update on the getting rid of the excessive clutter in my home. I had originally set a goal of 150 items by the end of April. That goal was passed in the third week when I did a sweep of the backyard and got rid of two big garbage cans of stuff that didn’t need to be out there.

I am so glad it’s gone.

However, I didn’t get the effect I was looking for. I was hoping to see….bigger, more open space, ya know? It still looks too cluttered. I think what happened was I did a lot of random, drive-by pickups.

I’m still not close to being done. May is going to be more focused. Instead of just picking stuff as I go, I’m planning to pick specific areas to declutter. Hopefully, I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished something at the end of the month.

Clutter Update: Week Two

A week ago I set a goal of getting rid of 5 items per day in my quest? journey?…whatever you want to call it…I really just want to get the unnecessary clutter out of my home.
Remember the tote filled with crafty supplies that hadn’t been used in a very long time?


That had 24 items right there. A bunch of the yarn was offered up to the other teachers at my preschool, stamping items and art paper went to my classroom and some miscellaneous stuff was donated.
Sad to say I found some watercolor paints that had been in there so long they had hardened. And they were never opened…. Shame on me….


The tote now has a new use. It’s housing our 2 week old chicks. Cute, aren’t they?

Also got rid of something called a Jump Snap given to me many years ago by someone who purchased it, never used it, then passed it on to me. Well, guess what? I never used it either. It’s outta here.


Totals for last week? After getting rid of a few more things that went straight to the garbage I ended up saying goodbye to 43 things that didn’t need to be here. This coming week should be even better. I hope to be a little more focused on different areas of the house instead of just picking a random spot. Plus, it’s Spring Break so I should have a little more time to declutter.

If you’re joining in, how are your totals?

Time To Go

I believe it’s a life long process for most of us in trying to figure out how to keep things from cluttering up our lives.  There are those people out there who have a remarkable skill at being to let go of the things that we hang onto that eventually suck the life out of us. Unfortunately, I’m not of them.  I like to hold onto sentimental items. I have cards and letters from so many years ago.


Drawers and boxes full of pictures (from the pre-digital age) that I can’t let go of because they hold so many memories.


Oh, and some of those things people would call collectibles….I have a few of those too. OK, I’ll admit…I have lots. In boxes. Where they can’t be enjoyed.


Items from hobbies I just don’t get to anymore. Or never got to.


Not to mention books…books I love to read and children’s books I keep to read year after year in my classroom.


I joined Flylady way back in 2000 when she was just starting out. Over the years I’ve been able to slowly purge things from my home and my life using her methods (and also from gleaning ideas from other wonderful blogs).  But, as I said earlier, it is a life long process. Clutter is like a boomerang…you try and throw it as hard as you can to get it out of your life but, somehow it just keeps coming back.

Well, it’s the first day of April….Spring actually feels like it’s here and I feel like purging again.

My goal?

Say goodbye to at least 5 items each day.  That’s 150 things gone by the end of April. My home should be feeling a little less weighed down by the end of the month. Hopefully, I will too.

If you care to join me I’m sure you’ll feel better too.

I’ll check back in a week and let you know how things are going.

My Morning Routine

I’ve never been one of those super organized people that you read about who always seem to get these tremendous amounts of things done and actually check off all of the items on their super-long to-do lists. 

Talk to the people I live with. 

I read every organizational book known to man.  And tried them all.  Most lasted for a few days because they were just too complicated.

Then 10 years ago I found Flylady while searching the net for yet another way to get my life under control.  I was pretty skeptical at first.  I mean, here was this lady who was telling me to shine my sink (as if that would make a difference). Who had ever heard of anyone who actually shined their sink?  Not me.

And…she was in constant purple puddles. (Purple puddles means she was crying, for those of you who don’t know Flylady).  Just in case you think I’m putting here down…I met her IRL life a number of years ago and she is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met.  The whole purple puddle thing was just a little foreign to me.

The thing I really love about her is that she has you start out small…with just a few things to do each day.  You learn to create a routine that works for you.  Mine has changed some as things have changed with me.  When I started working outside of my home I had to shorten it as my time got shorter. I still tweak it as necessary.

Here is my morning routine in a nutshell:

– Get Dressed to Shoes including Hair/Face, Brush Teeth
– Make Bed
– Swish & Swipe
– Empty Dishdrainer
– Reboot Laundry (a Load a Day Keeps CHAOS Away)
– Check My Calendar
– Breakfast
– Feed animals
– 10 minutes Bible reading (this is fairly new. I find it helps my day to start of right)

For those of you needing something to help you get on track…I highly recommend Flying

December Clutter Challenge~Wrap Up

I can’t believe its been a whole year since I saw Amy’s challenge at Finer Things.  Honestly, I wasn’t so sure I would follow through with getting rid of so many items.  What’s amazing is that I actually went past that number and still have a house full of stuff!

Here’s a little secret…two years ago we had twice as much stuff.  When we moved into this smaller house we got rid of loads of unnecessary things.  Don’t miss any of it.

The plan this year is to pare down to only things we use regularly and love.


My December wrap-up is a little unorganized.  The month just had too many things happening.  There were at least 50 items donated, nothing was consigned and several grocery bags full of paper clutter were recycled or tossed. That puts the total close to 900 items that have left this house since the beginning of the year.  Kinda scary, huh?

I’d like to give a huge thank you to Amy for starting the challenge.  Thank you! Thank you! My house is pounds lighter because of it!

November Clutter Update

I’m late!  But, that’s ok. I’m giving myself some slack on posting on time because I met my goal last month!  I got rid of some stuff during the month of November…not much…but that’s ok.  I’m taking this one step at a time.


Donated:  27

Consigned:  3

Tossed:  20 items plus 1 large bag of paper clutter.


November totals come to 50 total items for a total of 789 since the beginning of they year.  I made $17 using consignment and (drum roll please) $200 for selling on Ebay!  Not too shabby if I say so myself.

There’s only one more month left in this challenge.  I have 2 weeks off at the end of December. Maybe we’ll see how much more clutter I can get rid of.

This post is linked to The Finer Things.

October Clutter Update


Not much decluttering happened here for the month of October in terms of large items.  I did get rid of a lot of paper clutter though.

Here are October totals:

Donated:  29

Consigned:  10

Tossed:  5 big bags of paper clutter

October totals come to 44 items for a total of 739 since the beginning of the year.  Consigning totals come to $18.  I’ve met my goal! I am going to keep on doing this challenge because I like the way things are looking.

September Clutter Update


We’re heading into the last part of the year and I am so happy I decided to take on this decluttering challenge.  Clear pathways and easier cleanup are the results of getting rid of so much stuff.  I’m a Flylady follower and this month the challenge is to get rid of paper clutter.  That is a really difficult issue for me.  Paper piles seem to just to grow miraculously around here.  The plan is to give the paper shredder a major workout for the month of October.

Won’t ya’ll join me?

Here are September totals:

Donated:  68

Consigned:  39

Tossed:  15

September totals come to 122 items for a total of 695 since the beginning of the year.  Only 35 more to meet my goal!! Consigning totals come to $30. 

August Clutter Update



Am I way behind with this post or what?  Occasionally life throws you loops and it keeps you from doing your day to day stuff.  I almost decided not to post because it’s so far into the month…but….this has been one of the more successful challenges I’ve done and I want it on record that I’ve kept up with it.  🙂


More and more items are escaping into the wonderful world of Freecycle, the thrift store donation route or local consignment shop.  I love having the freed up cabinet space and clutterfree floors. I’m in the process of clearing the extra room of dd23’s stuff she left behind when she moved out.  Not quite sure what this room will become but I know I wanted it emptied before I begin.


Here are August totals:

Donated:  23

Consigned:  37

Tossed:  20

August totals come to 80 items for a total of 573 since the beginning of the year.  Consigning totals come to $41.  Only 177 more things to go and I will have met my goal for the year.  And made a little money in the process…..