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This week in the Little Farm in the Middle of the City

My oldest daughter stayed with us over the summer while she was on break from school. She was had me laughing so much because she swears we have a little farm going right in our backyard. All summer she was taking pictures of the chickens and their antics (and their eggs!) and texting them to her friends. Or pictures of strawberries just picked or tomatoes we were eating minutes after they came in from the yard.
Or new kittens running around the house.


It’s so funny because from my perspective what have going is so small compared to the acres of what I see others online growing. But the real city city girl from the Bay area and her friends see what we have as such a big deal because we can walk out into the back yard and get eggs that are an hour old or eat a tomato right off the vine.
Anyways, this week I harvested more Rond de Nice zucchini (although that’s it for this year because one of the chickens got out and decided to sunbathe on top of the plant), some tomatoes, a few small white peaches (delicious!), and some grapes. My peach trees are only two years old…pretty small with small fruit.


Also gave a couple of the smaller sunflower heads to the chickens. They weren’t really worth the time trying to get out the seeds. I did make some grape jelly with the my grapes and some grapes a friend gave to me.


I’m back to work this week so time in the garden is going to get pretty limited. I did get some green beans in to the ground a few days ago. The goal is each week to try and start something new since we can grow year round.

Today’s harvest and one of the sad realities of having animals

Today’s harvest included some tomatoes, nasturtium flowers, a Rond de Nice heirloom zucchini and one egg.


However, I may not be getting many eggs for a bit. Depends on how traumatized my girls were early this morning when a raccoon attacked them. Two dead hens and five who are fortunately not injured but acting shell-shocked.

I think what bothers me most is the fact that raccoons don’t seem to even eat them. They just tear them up. I’m going to be picking up feathers for days.
Also, time to rethink how they will be housed. We live in a small university city of about 64,000 people but still have lots of wild life….the raccoons live in the sewers. They’ve just never been an issue because we always had Abby, our Golden Retriever, in the backyard to protect them.


And protect them she did. She was a force to be reckoned with when it came to her chickens. Unfortunately, three weeks ago we had to have her put to sleep because she had cancer. And now the coons think they can do what they want.
I don’t think so.

Day 1


This is Buster.  He’s 16 1/2 years old and the most mellow cat around.  He’s also the friendliest cat.  He will walk out to people who walk by our house and meow to get petted. When we moved a year ago people were asking old neighbors if he passed on because he didn’t come out to greet them anymore. Buster disappeared 2 weeks ago.  I thought he might have gone off to die because, well, old cats sometimes do that.  After a lot of searching we had given up on seeing him again.  He showed up on our doorstep the night before last as if nothing had ever happened.  Hungry. But none the worse for wear.

Needless to say, we are very happy to have him home.