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Today’s harvest and one of the sad realities of having animals

Today’s harvest included some tomatoes, nasturtium flowers, a Rond de Nice heirloom zucchini and one egg.


However, I may not be getting many eggs for a bit. Depends on how traumatized my girls were early this morning when a raccoon attacked them. Two dead hens and five who are fortunately not injured but acting shell-shocked.

I think what bothers me most is the fact that raccoons don’t seem to even eat them. They just tear them up. I’m going to be picking up feathers for days.
Also, time to rethink how they will be housed. We live in a small university city of about 64,000 people but still have lots of wild life….the raccoons live in the sewers. They’ve just never been an issue because we always had Abby, our Golden Retriever, in the backyard to protect them.


And protect them she did. She was a force to be reckoned with when it came to her chickens. Unfortunately, three weeks ago we had to have her put to sleep because she had cancer. And now the coons think they can do what they want.
I don’t think so.

Today’s Harvest

Some chili’s, cilantro, bell pepper, chives, green onion and tomato….looks like salsa is in order. Only three eggs so far. I think the heat is slowing things down for my girls a bit.


Edited to add a picture of what’s left of the salsa. Turned out pretty spicy…my chili’s are hot this year!

Day 10 in Photos~A Four Letter Word!

                                       new pics3 048


I know, I know.  It’s not what you’re thinking of.   For those of you who work in state run preschool programs and have to assess all the children in their classrooms (34 total for me!)…you will understand what that pink cover sheet is all about.  Forty three indicators for EACH child.  I have to finish them by Tuesday when I have parent conferences scheduled.  My eyeballs are falling out. 

Day 9 in Photos~Son’s Best Friend

                                         new pics3 044

                                        Just kidding.  He did raise her from a chick at school.

Day 8 in Photos~Woman’s Best Friend

                                         new pics3 043

                                        This is my faithful friend Abby.  Isn’t she cute?

Day 7 in Photos~Spring is Coming!

                                       new pics3 045


Ok, I know it’s really not spring. The sun was shining all day today for the first time in weeks and I was able to work in the yard. Check out the artichoke plant that’s growing!

Day 6 in Photos~Yes!

                                             new pics3 042

4.6 pounds down in one week!

Day 5 in Photos~Yummy!

                                        random pictures 099

Made some because DS16 loves them.  I managed to eat a couple and then walk away.

Day 4 in Photos~Zoo

                                        new pics3 013

This fella started roaring when we were watching him at the zoo. Sent chills down my spine even though he was in a cage.

Day 4 in Photos~The Tree is Finally Coming Down

                                  new pics3 041