Today’s Harvest

Some chili’s, cilantro, bell pepper, chives, green onion and tomato….looks like salsa is in order. Only three eggs so far. I think the heat is slowing things down for my girls a bit.


Edited to add a picture of what’s left of the salsa. Turned out pretty spicy…my chili’s are hot this year!


NCP National Consumer Panel

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I love this blog….

Makes me take a serious look at how easy my life is…

Eating From the Pantry

This year one of the things I’m trying to do is to be more organized and to gain a few more skills. I have a fairly good sized pantry but it’s not very organized. Things get put in there randomly….then they get pushed to the back and then they get gotten. Sound familiar to anyone?

So…. one of my goals for the year is to reorganize my pantry and refrigerator so that I don’t have to get rid of things that have expired or that turned into a science project at the back of my refrigerator.


Yes, I’m really putting myself out there putting a picture of my refrigerator on the internet. Honestly, I really don’t know how it happens. It gets organized and then things get shoved in there and it looks like this. Scary.

I also need to get into my freezer. ( No pictures of my freezer will be happening. It’s in my garage and today it’s just too dang cold to go out there to take a picture. This is coming from someone who is not dealing well with the freezing cold weather we’re having here in California). I  have an older chest freezer that tends to have items at the bottom that get forgotten. One of my goals for January is to clear it out. I’ve been using items from the freezer from the pantry and fresh stuff from the fridge for the past 2 weeks with a set a goal of not spending more than 20 dollars each week. Originally, I was going to set some restrictions for myself on just buying fresh fruit, vegetables, bread or dairy. But, I decided not to be so restrictive so I’m just giving myself 20 dollars each week to spend on what’s necessary. So far I’ve spent 28 dollars. For the thirteen days. That’s a serious record for me.

One thing I’ve discovered, I have a lot of tomato products. Really a lot….tomato sauce, tomatoes juice, tomato paste, spaghetti sauce, frozen tomatoes from my garden, sun dried tomatoes. I won’t be buying tomato products for quite some time. Anyone have any creative recipes? You can only eat so much spaghetti.

Wish me luck as I dive deep into the recesses of my pantry…..

Linking up with Adventures in Country Living at Shalom Engedi Farm who is also Eating to the Bottom of Her Freezer.

Hard Lotion Bars: Pinterest (Make it Yourself)

For 2013 I want to try out some new things…learn some new skills…and Pinterest is the place to do that. On my Natural Alternatives board I wanted to try the hard lotion bars. I found an easy recipe on Pinterest to make them with only 3 ingredients. You use equal parts of each ingredient.

I already had olive oil and I bought cocoa butter and beeswax at my local food coop. It was $11 for an 8 oz. bar of beeswax (used 4oz.) and $9 for an 8oz. jar of cocoa butter (used half). I got the molds at my local thrift store for 25¢ each. So, for about $11 I was able to make 12 mini muffin sized bars and 12 small star shaped bars. Here’s what they look like.

I like these! I have very dry skin and I’ve been using one…my hands are feeling so soft. You really need to give these a try. They are super easy!

Goals for 2013

I had an opportunity to get away for a day to relax and think about any changes I want to see for the new year. First and foremost….as usual for me….is the being healthier theme. Exercising has never been one of those things I jump into doing. When I was younger I always was involved in some sort of sport activity and stayed in shape easily. Now, in my 50’s…with lots more aches and pains…it’s much harder to get motivated. But, I got an exercise bike over the holidays and have been riding 2 miles each day. It hasn’t been difficult…although I honestly don’t know how long distance riders deal with hard bike seats. Talk about going numb in a sensitive area…..
I’m thinking I might post my weekly miles and post something about an area as if I was really biking on the road. Kind of a virtual bike ride across the USA. Might keep me motivated…and I won’t have any excuse about bad weather….

Another theme is eating healthier. Definitely want to incorporate more fruits and veggies into our diets. And because I live in an area where I can garden year round I’m going to see if we can eat from our garden each day of the year.

I have other goals…participating in 13 skills…but, I’ll post more on those later.

Anyone else have goals for this year?

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I tried the mountain blueberry frozen yogurt? Delicious!



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What’s in store for 2013?



A new year is upon us once again. I’ve always liked fresh start. A new year is a great way to throw out the old and try new things. The plan is to learn a few new skills, get better at some old ones, and become a healthier me. I’ll be blogging about it exercising, eating little better, organizing my home and some preparedness stuff.
Here’s to 2013!

Butterfly Wings!


Beautiful colors and very well made!

By Pre-k teacher from California on 10/18/2012


5out of 5

I won a pair of these in a giveaway and am so impressed! The children in my state preschool classroom sit in a line to wait for a turn to use them. They have been used daily for over a week on our playground by many children and are holding up extremely well. One of the other teachers has already decided she is going to buy some because two is not enough.


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