April Clutter Challenge~Update


April was much better than March with getting rid of the STUFF that has accumulated around here.  In March I lost my steam and hardly got rid of anything.  But, things are looking up!  This past month I donated 79 items, tossed 16 and recycled 3 large bags of useless papers for a total of 255 items.  I haven’t made it to the consignment store so I don’t know if I made any money.  I’ll wait until next time.  I’m really beginning to see a noticeable difference around here.  Can’t wait until next months totals…dh and I spent an hour yesterday going through the garage…so I already have good numbers for May!

Amy over at Finer Things is have a linky for this challenge.  Come join in!

3 responses to “April Clutter Challenge~Update

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  2. Awesome job! I’ve hit a couple lulls, too. Hoping to keep plugging along!

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